Innocent Love

One of my favorite songs is “When I First Kissed You” by Extreme. Though it did not hit the charts as “More Than Words” but it reminds me of the Rat Pack. Oh the words as you hear them it reflects the first kiss with the person you love or even when you held child […]

Hello High School

Yes, high school for all is hell and we all have war stories and bruise to prove it. For me, I was miserable the first two years of it. I had no idea of what was popular, how to dress and style my hair.  I would love to show pictures, I am not going to […]

I want to make the World A Place

Do you remember that song from the Coca-Cola’s commercial about making the world a better place.  The song, I Like To Teach The World To Sing, from the 1970’s the innocence and a hope to bring peace after two devastating wars. If today, we listen to the song perhaps the world would not be as dark and […]