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Zen for Earth Day-96 Seconds of Baby Elephants

—————————————————-   WCS Earth Day Moment of Zen: 96 Seconds of Baby Elephants: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0vlyq3yH1g&feature=youtu.be  Instagram Version of shows 9.6 seconds: http://instagram.com/p/nGF_YOmI3E/  Footage includes elephants playing in an orphanage in Kenya, protected from poacher’s guns  96 Elephants are killed every day in Africa   NEW YORK (Earth Day, April 22, 2013) —The Wildlife Conservation Society’s 96 Elephants […]

Following the 80s Path

Last week I was focusing on the 86 days of stress remaining to the summer of 2014.  As the number ran in my head, I had a flashback of an app that I used last year to monitor my eating by the name of 80Bites. 80Bites is your Jiminy Cricket for your iPhone making your conscious of […]

86 Days to Procrastinate for Summer

This was definitely a freezing winter as we bundle up sipping hot cocoa eating comfort meals.  I will be very upfront, I did succumb to comfort eating and the only person to blame is I.   As an individual, the only person is you to make the conscious decision of what meals you eat and if […]

Happy Valentine’s Day – This should explain it

It began with Rapunzel the 50th Disney movie to start a trend unconsciously of standing up for oneself. Yes Rapunzel fell in love with Eugene but she was a fighter. Now here come Elsa yes the Frozen queen breaking the stereotypes that love is not a Disney fairy tale. I knew that and how I […]

Brain Drain

Make me care is been in my head since September from my Niche Parent experience.  That session enlightening but trying to reignite my flame is a challenge. I been quite comfortable with my crown and being one of the princesses of Procrastination.  Perhaps it is for comfort and I don’t to let anyone past the […]


PicMonkey Collage

REVIEW: Anytime Costumes featuring Steve

Disclosure:  I received a costume for review. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience. Costumes are not just for Halloween and … [Read More...]

https   builder.twigtale.com shared_books a1894571ba3119cb50dd5651fe0749fb

REVIEW: Twigtale Books Personalization Stories by Educators

Disclosure: I received a personalized story to review in exchange for a review of the product. All opinions expressed here are my own. Childhood … [Read More...]

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