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Pollen 8 – Relaunch

As a blogger the one thing I see is you have to connect with others and to engage one way is to sign up with an influencer network. As of today, there are a few but my most recent acceptance is with Pollen-8. It is free and now they are working on a relaunch bringing […]

Learning my ABC’s of Headband For Today #coLAB

What is the one song that always is easy to remember and fun to sing along? As I begin to type I can guarantee you will be singing it so let us begin.  ABC, easy as 1-2-3 sing it and sing it loud as I introduce my newest blogging friend Kendra Pierson of Headband for […]

July is National Ice Cream Month

The saying never fades so allow me to begin this post with the infamous song “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream”. I have a feeling, that you are repeating this again as you read this. I now have you at full attention, so this month is National Ice Cream Month and I just […]

Tween Belt Public Safety Week

Got Tweens? They aren’t little kids anymore and want to be treated differently. But here’€™s one rule that should not be up for debate the car doesn’€™t move until everyone is wearing a seat belt. I have this rule with my children. We say it and buckle up ourselves and our kids have to buckle […]

Review: Priority Chef Knife

Disclosure:I got this for free in exchange for my review There was a time that I remember when there was a man who came around to our neighborhood to sharpen knives and scissors for us.Then the entire neighborhood would come out and bring everything that was to be sharpened. Today, there isn’t that man coming […]


Zenwise Labs Joint Support

Disclosure: This rave is Powered by Brandbacker. Let us begin by discussing the what is the meaning of a joint. Per the all knowing Wikipedia, a … [Read More...]


Poof with Poise The Dust Goes Bye Bye

It is amazing on how many pieces of technology a family can own. My little family of four includes my two sons and daughter.  Our house has a variety … [Read More...]

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