REVISED – Lucky 7 Here I Come – #UBP14 A Year Late


 I have to apologize for my math skills for when I calculate the years, of it it isn’t lucky 7 it is their 8th Ultimate Blog Party.  My original intent is still true I am looking forward to connencting with all the long time members and new members. This is a wonderful website who understands women and believes in supporting all.  It isn’t women it is all individuals who have a passion to write and build themselves as professional and making friendships. 

Susan and Janice can you please accept my apologies as I hope to build a great relationship overall. 

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Here I go and the big picture is my “TADA”. Since this is my first Ultimate Blog Party the goal to set for not procrastinating anymore.  The only thing I worry is the content is not relevant and a tad boring.  The goal is to try not to change me and learn how to find who I am by learning how others became the blogger they are.

I did a little research and see that the first party was in 2007 and the success rate for 5MinutesforMom shows how influential this party can be.  These ladies know how busy we can get and finding 5 minutes to incorporate and process the day is a lot.  The woman here all have similar stories and easily can relate to the on-goings of their lives. Their advice is simple and to the point.

Here I hope that this party I will receive some “Lucky 7” vibes in breaking my procrastination wall and become something I keep adding to my yearly to do list for 10 years.

Have a great week!


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  1. Maybe I have overlooked something. Where is the party?

  2. This is my 2nd year! Welcome to the PARTY!. I’m always trying to figure out my procrastination triggers. Before kids I was very organized (a bit too much) but after kids not so much- I wonder a lot! New fan!

    • I am so guilty and I know there is also an underlying reason. I was so overwhelmed, but amazed by the network of women sharing information and being helpful. I am hoping to really build from there. I think having the great support will get me far. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Barbara.